1997 0108 San Jose de Guaviare X



Spray coca plantings in the vicinity of San Jose de Guaviare , Colombia.


Ayers T-65


Policía Nacional de Colombia


500 gallons glyphosate herbicide/water mixture.

Delivery Parameters

Pull trigger to spray.


An American pilot working for the U.S. government was killed Tuesday when his crop-dusting plane crashed during a coca-eradication mission in remote southeastern Colombia.

It was not immediately known whether the plane, a T-65 Turbo Thrush, was shot down or crashed accidentally. Leftist guerrillas who guard coca plantations in the region frequently fire on crop eradication planes. The civilian pilot was believed to be the first American killed during an anti-narcotics operation in Colombia.

Game Play

Depart Papayan Airport and follow the waypoints into the mountains. If fired upon, break off and  go home.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start.