1998 0728 San Jose de Guaviare XX



Spray coca plantings in the vicinity of San Jose de Guaviare , Colombia.


Ayers T-65


Policía Nacional de Colombia


500 gallons glyphosate herbicide/water mixture.

Delivery Parameters

Pull trigger to spray.


Two American pilots died when their crop-duster crashed on Monday on an antidrug training mission in a jungle in southeastern Guaviaro Province, the police said today. American Embassy officials said the pilots of the Turbo Thrush T-65 were Wayne Harley Mulgrew of Napa, Calif., and Gary Clyde Chestnut of Leesburg, Ala. Both were 46 and worked for Dyncorp of Fort Worth, a company with a State Department contract to help Colombia eradicate drug plantations.

Game Play

Depart Larandia Airport and follow the waypoints into the mountains. If fired upon, break off and  go home.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start.