2003 0408 Pasto Narino X



Spray poppy plantings in the vicinity of Pasto , Colombia.


Ayers T-65


US State Department  DOSAW


500 gallons 2-4,D herbicide/water mixture.

Delivery Parameters

Pull trigger to spray.


POPAYAN, Colombia — Becoming the fifth victim this year in the U.S. anti-drug war in Colombia, an American pilot was killed Monday when his plane crashed while on a drug-eradication mission in the southwestern department of Narino.

The civilian contractor was piloting a State Department T-65 air tractor when it went down near the city of Pasto, according to a U.S. Embassy official. The plane was spraying fields of opium poppies, the base of heroin, and there was no one else aboard, embassy officials said.

Aerial fumigation of both poppy and coca crops — the latter the raw material of cocaine — is a large portion of the $2-billion aid package known as Plan Colombia that the United States has provided to this country since 1998. The fumigation operations are largely carried out by the civilian contractor DynCorp, which has lost three other pilots since 1997 on such missions. DynCorp spokesman Mike Dickerson in Southern California would not say Monday whether the pilot was a company employee.

U.S. officials, for their part, declined to say whether the crash was an accident or the result of sabotage by the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, which has hit spray planes an estimated 70 times during the last year. The officials said that the pilot died on impact.

In another burden to the citizens of Nariño, US spray planes flying out of Tumaco cross the jungle to dump tons of glyphosate defoliant as part of the coca eradication program. It has not slowed the arrival of cocaine in the United States at all, only pushed it from one place to another. Much of the coca production we will find is the work of campesinos who are only a step up from subsistence farmers.

Game Play

Depart Papayan Airport and follow the waypoints into the mountains. If fired upon, break off and  go home.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start.