2003 0830 Pilot Downed Over Narino



Spray poppy plantings in the vicinity of Pasto , Colombia.


Ayers T-65


US State Department  DOSAW


500 gallons 2-4,D herbicide/water mixture.

Delivery Parameters

Pull trigger to spray.


In March, a DynCorp plane piloted by an American contractor flew into a mountainside in the southern province of Narino, apparently due to mechanical failure rather than rebel gunfire, bringing the death toll of Americans in Colombia to five in 2003.

And just last week, another spray plane crashed, this time as a result of gunfire from unidentified assailants. But the American contractor pilot was promptly rescued by the search-and-rescue contingent.



Game Play

Depart Papayan Airport and follow the waypoints into the mountains. If fired upon, break off and  go home.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start.