2013 0927 Montañitas Cali Valle del Cauca XX



Spray coca plantings in the vicinity of Montañitas Cali Valle del Cauca , Colombia.


Airtractor AT-802


US State Department  DOSAW


500 gallons glyphosate herbicide/water mixture.

Delivery Parameters

Pull trigger to spray.



 Agricultural aircraft Air Tractor AT-802 took off yesterday around 11:00, with a military airport Larandia near Florencia

in Caqueta province, heading over San Vincente. He had to perform spraying of drug plantations on behalf of the Colombian

police. He crashed half an hour after takeoff near the village of La Carpa near the town of Montanita.
In the crash killed two people on board the aircraft. Both were Americans.

The flight took place in the framework of the US-Colombian anti-drug action. The agreement, called Plan Colombia, concluded in 2001. To date, its implementation (and derivatives) in Colombia and neighboring countries Washington gave $ 8 billion. USA provide, among others, aircraft combat illicit crops. Their crew are nationals of the United States.

A US fumigation airplane pilot has been killed and his co-pilot injured in a crash the south of Colombia, the US embassy in Bogota said Friday.

” The United embassy regrets to inform about the death of an American pilot in a sinister accident on [Friday] September 27 on Colombian territory,”  Colombian media cited an embassy press release.

The embassy reportedly said the Air Tractor AT-802 airplane was on a fumigation mission on the request of the Colombian national police.

Game Play

Depart Larandia Airport and follow the waypoints into the mountains. If fired upon, break off and  go home.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start.