2013 1005 Spray Pilot Rescued Near Caquetá



Rescue downed pilot in the vicinity of  Caquetá R , Colombia.




Policía Nacional de Colombia


8 airborne soldiers.

Delivery Parameters

CTRL-O to open cabin. Select and deploy soldiers.


Rebels shot down and wounded the pilot of a crop-spraying plane over southern Caquetá

Crashed plane yesterday is a low-wing Air Tractor AT-802. He belonged to the US government. Its operator, as

well as 12 other participants in the Plan Colombia (National Police Eradication Program) was a private DynCorp..

Game Play

Depart Papayan Airport and follow the waypoints into the mountains until you see the smoke at the reported crash site. The pilot is just uphill and will pop a red smoke. Land adjacent. Open cabin doors. Deploy troopers then return to base.

Aircraft Animation Controls: See Preflight screen at mission start.