440615 Fountain Brown

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Fountain L. Brown



24 x AN-M57 Bombs


On 15 June, 1944, we departed Hsinching, China, bombed the Imperial Iron and Steel Works, Yawata, Japan, and returned to Hsinching the following morning. Our crew flew one of the 20 aircraft of the 40th Group that formed the first B-29 strike against the Japanese homeland. The importance of that mission was sufficient to draw 11 general officers and numerous war correspondents to A-1. The VIPs witnessed the takeoff and landing of the B-29s. Not that the bombing results were that good.
But the Yawata mission was the beginning of the end for Japan. That made the mission one of the great historic events of WW II….Fountain Brown, Co-Pilot

Game Play

Depart and follow autopilot course to target area . Hide cockpit view and look down to see the bomb sight. Before reaching target, turn on wing leveler and select bombs. As leader you must direct other flights to bomb your target. (TAB, 2, 2 for instance). Observe strike and autopilot home.

Aircraft Animation Controls: