441004 Yukiyoshi Wakamatsu

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Yukiyoshi Wakamatsu



4 X 12.7MM Ho103


Captain Yukiyoshi Wakamatsu (1911-1944) of the 85th Sentai.

Wakamatsu gained most of his 18+ victories flying Ki-44′s. He became something of a specialist against the P-51B/C in China, shooting down at least 9 prior to his death on 18 December 1944.

Oct. 4, 1944. Five P-51b were claimed for one JAAF fighter damaged. Wakamatsu who led the diving attack from out of the rising sun claimed two kills, setting a P-51 on fire in his first pass.  76th FS P51’s

Game Play

Depart and climb to intercept US aircraft. Engage enemy fighters and survive to land.