441020 Earl Archer

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4 x AN-M64

2 X 50CAL_M2


Cose Air support , Landing at Leyte.

He began flying missions, most lasting four to five hours, and often two a day. His first action was in the invasion of Saipan on June 15, 1944 when he crisscrossed the island at “three or four thousand feet” taking photographs. He also flew close-air support for ground troops. Earl often took on enemy fire in subsequent missions as an artillery spotter. Once, he made a carrier landing without wheels. “They hit the plane, but they didn’t shoot me down,” he states. When another pilot crash-landed at the end of a runway the Marines had captured (Japanese held the other end) Earl swooped down and picked up the pilot

Game Play

Depart and climb on autopilot course to the beach. Locate Japanese assets and destroy them.