450407 Todd Moore

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Todd Moore



6 X .50CAL M2


Todd Moore was leading the forward flight of the 78th and for a moment he thought he head already passed the action. Most of the flight was taking place behind him, but as he approached Choshi Point another gaggle of enemy fighters was spotted. His flight was at 22,000 feet and from this vantage point Captain Moore looked down and saw several Japanese fighters heading for the bombers.

One of those B-29s was burning and a flight of four Hamps quickly closed in and finished off the disabled bomber. Too late to save the Superfort, Captain Moore led his flight after the escaping enemy fighters. The faster Mustangs quickly closed in on the Hamps, and Captain Moore had them in his sights. He described the ensuing battle as follows: “The bomber exploded but I turned my flight into the Hamps anyway and joined their formation as number five man. I closed on number four, gave him a short burst from 600 feet and he exploded behind the cockpit. Then I gave my plane full throttle and closed on the number three man. I caught him at the bottom of their lazy eight, and gave him about a three second burst that hit his engine and cowling. Then I looked up for the number two man and saw the leader of the formation turning into me. I told the flight to give it full throttle and dive away.”

As the flight pulled away Moore’s wingman reported that Captain Moore’s second victim was falling totally out of control. The entire battle had lasted only fort-five seconds and Todd Moore had scored two confirmed victories.


Game Play

Join the mission in flight escorting the B-59’s. Find the enemy aircraft and shoot them down.

Aircraft Animation Controls:

Canopy Open/Close =6