450724 Paul Brehm

JAPmap copy





2 x AN-MK1

2 x 1000lb Bomb

2 X 20MM M2


Yamato, Haruna and Nagato were transferred to the newly reactivated 1st Battleship Division. Yamato left drydock two days later for Japan’s Inland Sea.This reassignment was brief; the 1st Battleship Division was deactivated once again on 10 February and Yamato was allotted to the 1st Carrier Division. On 19 March, American carrier aircraft from Enterprise, Yorktown and Intrepid raided Kure.

Game Play

Launch from Ticonderoga and follow course to Kure. Attack all shipping, especially Tone and  Hyuga with 1000# bombs.

Aircraft Animation Controls:

Canopy Open/Close =