The YAP-RW Team is proud to announce the remake of another John Shelton’s masterpiece, now available as a standalone mod for Strike Fighters 2.

Thanks to the experiences gained during the Yankee Air Pirate restoration project, The YAP-RW Team presents Drug War RW: the udpated and enhanced version of 2016 John Shelton’s mostly unknown extraordinary idea about the war on drugs, now available in a fully restored edition for SF2 ambient, and totally FREE!

You will find all 20 original missions in the exclusive “Narcos” terrain, plus 3 training missions and one extra mission in the “Range” terrain from Flight School, also included.

  • Aircrafts & helicopters: Air Tractor AT-802, Ayres T-65 Turbo Thrush, Bell 206, Cessna 206, Douglas C-47, Sikorsky UH-60A
  • Extra: Ayres Thrush S2R, Ayres Thrush S2T, Bell 47 G2, Bell 206B, Gee Bee Model “Z” Super Sportster
  • Extra bonus: Bell AH-1F Cobra

We also made proper briefings for each mission, to enhance the immersion:

Read here for more informations and to download the mod:

Join the community and collaborate for the further two phases of the project: YAP_Revamp_Works FaceBook Group